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Our Elderberry Syrup is a great addition to your daily routine. Invigorating Meyer lemon juice and complex elderberries combine with just a touch of organic cane sugar to jump start your body’s defense system. Our Syrup can be enjoyed straight, or mixed with your favorite soft drink or cocktail. 

Our Elderberry Shrub combines the benefits of elderberry with raw apple cider vinegar and local Virginia honey. The bright flavors of our shrub pack a punch. Our shrub is great on its own or try mixing into your own drinkable concoction. Elderberry switchel, anyone?

Our Elderflower Cordial features the beautiful and delicate elderflower. Floral notes shine in this unique blend, making it a great addition to water, soda, and cocktails. We add additional botanicals that give our small batch cordial a delightful flavor profile.
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